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South Indian Cusine
Choose your own coursePick any of your favourite according to your budget and timing. Each of curry would cost 600 rupees and bread would cost 400 rupees and any drink would be 300 rupees. You can also choose our set menu
1: Standard Course 1300rs per person(1 sauce, 1 bread masala tea)
2: Master Course 1800rs per person(1 sauce, 1 bread masala tea, chutney and rice)
3: Semi thali Course 2000rs per person(1 sauce, 1 bread masala tea, dessert, chutney and rice)
4: Thali Course 2300rs per person(1 sauce, 1 bread, masala tea, rice, chutney, Ayurvedic sauce,raita and dessert)
In group classes menu would be same for everyone. Private classes also available with desired menu and extra charges.
South Indian cuisine is based mainly on rice. Paste made out of lentils and rice is base of most of South Indian recipes like dosa,vada,idli and uttapam. South Indian cuisine is easy to digest and full of nourishment due to fermenting process and the same time they are delicious and glorious. South Indian cuisine is generous but the same time there is a perfect uses of different spices. Most of the dishes that are cooked in South Indian cuisine the final tempering remain same, which includes a perfect mixture of oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chilies etc. There is a wide use of coconut in this cuisine and most of time you will find gravy of coconut.
Main Dishes
  ( Cost : 500 rs.each - Estimated duration : 35 miniutes)
Mainly in South Indian cuisine, main dishes are masala dosa, uttapam,idli,vada andupma.Most of them are based on lentils and rice paste. This paste is keep for a while for fermenting process which gives them different taste than any other cuisine. Main course is served with chutney and sambhar or rasam.
  ( Cost : 250 rs.each - Estimated duration : 15 miniutes)
The best English "translation" of "chutney" is "relish”. Chutney is a family of condiments which contents spices, vegetables and some time fruits. South Indian cuisine is incomplete without chutney. Chutney can be dried, wet, sweet, spicy and sour. Mainly coconut chutney is most used with South Indian dishes.
  ( Cost : 500 rs.each - Estimated duration : 35 miniutes)
Most curries in South Indian cuisine are mainly with lots of spices but still few of them have sweet texture. Sambhar which is a very common curry has both the tastes. Rasam is a kind of soup which is used sometime as a starter.