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North Indian Cuisine
Choose your own coursePick any of your favourite according to your budget and timing. Each of curry would cost 600 rupees and bread would cost 400 rupees and any drink would be 300 rupees. You can also choose our set menu
1: Standard Course 1300rs per person(1 sauce, 1 bread masala tea)
2: Master Course 1800rs per person(1 sauce, 1 bread masala tea, chutney and rice)
3: Semi thali Course 2000rs per person(1 sauce, 1 bread masala tea, dessert, chutney and rice)
4: Thali Course 2300rs per person(1 sauce, 1 bread, masala tea, rice, chutney, Ayurvedic sauce,raita and dessert)
In group classes menu would be same for everyone. Private classes also available with desired menu and extra charges.
In common Indian cuisine is influenced by North Indian Cuisine. North Indian cuisine is a combo of Avadh, Bihari, Bhojpuri, Kumauni, Punjabi & Rajasthan Food. It is a fusion of the many great cuisines. North Indian cuisine is well known of proportionally high uses of dairy products like milk, ghee,paneer and yoghurt. Gravy is made out of These dairy products and all common spices includes chilly, saffron, and nuts. North Indian food is described with two different ways,1. Tawa(Griddle) 2. Tandoor (oven) Most of the home cuisine is made out of Tawa as Tandoor is not so common to use because of its charcoal uses. But now days lots of electric ovens are available.
  ( Cost : 600 rs.each - Estimated duration : 25 miniutes)
Most of North Indian curries are cooked in vegetable oil and ghee(butter).It contents tomato puree to give sour taste. Important part of the North Indian curry is gravy which is made out of onion, garlic, ginger and tomato. Though most of them are spicy and oily but still you can manage them with less spicy.
  ( Cost : 500 rs.each - Estimated duration : 30 miniutes subject to availibility)
North Indian is very famous for its sweet dishes. Kheer(rice pudding) and Gajar halwa is very famous from this region. Same like curries, sweets also content ghee(butter) and a large amount of sweet. All the sweets are either baked or fried. Most of the sweets content dairy products like milk, cream etc...
  ( Cost : 400 rs.each - Estimated duration : 35 miniutes)
Breads are made out of different flours like wheat, corn and Pearl mille and cooked in three different styles.(1).Tandoor which is based on charcoal pattern and mostly used in restaurants. Tandoori breads are NAAN,BUTTER NAAN etc. (2).Grill(tawa)which is most common pattern to cook roti. This is a large, flat or convex disc-shaped griddle and could be made out of steel, iron or aluminum. ROTI,CHAPATI and PARANTHA are example of grilled breads(3).Fried which is simply fried in boiled oil and is cooked on special occasions. Fried bread example is PURI.
  ( Cost : 300 rs.each - Estimated duration : 10 miniutes)
Although North Indians are not used to of drink along food but still Masala Tea is most famous drink out of North Indian cuisine.Beside this lassi is also main part of this region.Lassi can be made with milk,yogurt and fruits.