Here at Cooking Masala we are deeply passionate about cooking, an art form that brings families and communities together and that extends through all cultures and ages. India is especially famous for it’s vast and diverse cuisines, which has been influenced through the years by such cultures as Portuguese, Arabic, British and Persian. Trying the various Indian dishes for non Indians can often be a memorable experience, however due to the unfamiliarity of the culture it is difficult to know which ingredients are used and exactly how it is cooked.

This is where we come in. Our enthusiasm for Indian cuisine and sharing this cultural heritage with others means we are putting our entire energy into this venture. We are excited to meet others who can learn from us and also teach us about their cultural dishes and way of life.

Our desire is to create a community of food lovers who can cook together, learn together and smile together. Taking our course will open your eyes to a whole new way of cooking, and will hopefully be the start of some new lasting friendships with other like minded people.

Cooking Masala is a concept of learning Indian cuisine in Indian Way. In Our classes we teach basis Indian food in different styles. Most common way to learn any specific cuisine is through professional chefs, but in practically it is very hard to use same technique in routine life. That’s why Cooking Masala has came up with the concept of learning through home recipes. In this way you can cook any Dishes in a easy way and no need to worry about specific ingredients.

Well it has been really tuff to answer this question 'since when you are crazy for cooking'. To answer this I need to take a flash back of my memory which is still not blur and I can still see all of that sweet memories from my childhood when my mom and aunties used to cook in a big open kitchen, The whistle sound from pressure cooker, the fresh smell of bay leaf, sound of cracking cumin seeds, cannot forget the journey of being a CHAPATI from flour. For me cooking is only three words, Life, Passion and Love. I never thought to make career as chef but i was always so passionate about learning and eating different curries. I am a big food lover and i think that cooking is a healing therapy which heals all of your tensions. Although i am not a trained chef from any Institution but i have been my own chef last 15 years, since i am living by my own & I had an opportunity to try all kind of dishes and enough time to repeat them. One does not need a degree to become a chef, what is more important is being a passionate food lover. Throughout this travel my wife has been inspiration and here again, we both are ready to share our cooking skills with food lovers.

As cooking has been a great art from beginning, but it is also true that lot of us still are not aware of cooking benefit. We appreciate tasty food but never know that what Ingredients are used in our favorite dish. Especially dishes from foreign country have been a mystery for everyone. But we can learn different dishes while travelling and mix our local cuisine with this and create a unique cuisine.